We're on a mission to fight food waste by rescuing and upcycling surplus food, food that may just be a bit wonky or getting close to the best-before date.

We're giving it a lot of love and a total makeover, transforming it into deliciousness.

Packed in compostable packaging for catering, food service or retail by our VIP's (very important packers) at Attainable Trust, an incredible organisation that supports and provides meaningful employment to people with different abilities.

We're going full circle and anything we can't save we will turn into compost and return back to grow more.

If you're interested having rescued products in your business, or you have products we can rescue, please get in touch 021 747 885 or email.

We used to be a loaf of bread, now we're a range of delicious cookies.

Christmas cookies
  • We used to be a baguette, tomatoes, red onions & an avocado

    We're now a mouth-watering tomato, red onion & chilli chutney. We've been photographed with Olly, a rescued and now reusable avocado skin bowl and Colleen, she's some pretty crispy, crunchy crostini.

    We've got a lot of other uses which we will share on our ideas page. Except Olly, he can only be a reusable serving bowl, but he's pretty happy not to be in the bin.

  • My skin started sagging and I was getting a bit soft.

    I actually get sweeter with age so I was rescued, roasted and whizzed up with some awesome healthy white beans. Now I’m a lip-smacking, kicking capsicum, delicious dip or spread.

    I've heard there will be a lot more of my veggie mates joining the rescued range. We're all going to be gluten free and vegan with no nasty ingredient lists.

    Step aside hummus!

  • We use to be pots and bunches of fresh herbs.

    We got a bit limp and our best-before time was almost up but before we could be wasted we were rescued and whizzed up with some our our garlic clove mates.

    We bathe in some pretty luxurious Telegraph Hill extra virgin olive oil until the chefs brush us on rescued posh bread like baguettes and sour dough then we're ready for dipping in the dips, topped with creese or just munched on our own.

  • I used to be on the outside of a slab of brownie.

    I'm probably the best bit but because I'm a bit wonky I get trimmed, rolled into balls and smothered in Fresh As raspberry powder, oh yeah!