Rescued is a circular economy, impact business with a profitable, sustainable and delicious solution for food that is otherwise being wasted. We're taking real action to tackle the food crisis. Driven by purpose and innovation, making really good food for people and our planet to thrive.

Fruit, vegetables, spent grains and spent juniper berries are rescued and reimagined to be come new hero ingredients.

Upcycled food is the easy way for anyone to prevent otherwise wasted food via the products they buy. We want to give people the ability to participate in the solution every time they buy from us. Vote with your dollars. Make the swap.

Food Rescuers

Our bold and achievable goal is to lead New Zealand businesses to a zero-food-waste-to-landfill future.

We're collaborating with growers, manufacturers, producers, retailers and food rescue redistributors to help solve food waste challenges by using our passion, expertise, shared values and innovation to move from waste to taste.

Diane, Royce, Emily, Sara, Shayde. The team is growing the next photo will have Linda, Maiko, Lulan, Po Lam, Blythe, Helena and Yuanyuan.💚

  • Upcycled Food Association

    The easy way for everyone to prevent food waste via the products they buy.

  • Akina Impact Supplier

    We are proud to be part of the Akina community of organisations delivering positive impact through trading. 

  • bread rescue

    Our secret ingredient Rescued Bread Flour replaces traditional flour in bakery and baked goods.

    Bread packaging is upcycled by Future Post.

  • peach rescue

    696kg now feature on top of our ginger + peach cakes, in jams, chutneys, sauces and more.

  • lemon rescue

    400kg now an ingredient in our lemon + gin botanicals baking mixes and cakes.

  • heirloom tomato rescue

    More than 8 tonnes and rescuing. Heirloom kasundi chutney now a guest amenity at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland.

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Collaborations and doing good are our thing. Growers, manufacturers, retailers, and charitable food redistributors now have a sustainable solution for surplus food.

  • Future FoodTech 28 & 29 September 2023.

    Featured start-up!

  • Awards night 19 October 2023.

    Congratulations to all the finalists!

  • Awards night 9th November 2023.

    Congratulations to all the finalists!

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  • Supermarket News

    Answering Nz’s Food Crisis

  • Radio New Zealand

    'Rescued' food start up on their way to the UK

  • 1News

    Upcycled bread and wonky carrots: Tackling NZ's food waste problem

  • Stuff

    Countdown's old bread turned into cake mix

  • Woolworths

    Rescuring surplus, fruit and vegetables and bread we're creating a whole new category of upcycled food,

    Baking mixes and breadcrumbs available at Countdown Ponsonby, Mt Eden, St Johns and Manukau City Mall. New stores coming soon.

  • Good George

    Flavour bomb gin botanicals are rescued and blended with rescued bread flour and rescued lemons to create a taste explosion.

    Watch this space to see what we rescue next.

  • Heirloomacy

    Surplus heirloom tomatoes are given a new and long life happy life becoming a tasty vegan treat, a kasundi chutney that will transport you straight to India and a fabulous filling for rescued muffins.

  • NZ Hothouse

    We've got tomatoes every which way. Pulp, puree, paste, and we've even rescued the tomato waster to create new products.

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