Thrilled and thankful to be chosen by Countdown for the Kete Accelerator Programme. This incredible initiative is supporting five amazing New Zealand businesses get product on shelves.

Rescued is on a mission to help fight food waste by rescuing and upcycling surplus food. We're giving it a lot of love and a total makeover to concoct new and tasty creations.

The next ‘best-thing-since-sliced-bread,’ our secret ingredient, bread flour, was invented by our genius chef in collaboration with food scientists. We're rescuing other food too - fruit, vegetables, even gin botanicals!

Every time you buy something from Rescued Kitchen you are helping us to save food,
provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and support our
commitment to being a zero-waste kitchen.

If you're interested having rescued products in your business, or you have products we can rescue, please get in touch 021 747 885 or email.

  • cookies

    Made from 100% rescued bread flour we're baking chocolate chip, oat & raisin and more. If you have a recipe you would love to have upcycled please get in touch.

    Available as a premix, dough, frozen ready to bake or fully baked.

  • muffins

    Mmmmuffins made from100% bread flour and as much as we can rescue. Bananas, berries, feijoas, peaches, vegetables.

    Available as a premix for you to create your own, frozen par baked or fully baked.

  • OMGin cookies

    We're rescuing the flavour bomb gin botanicals from Good George, adding our rescued lemon powder made from 100% lemons and making an EPIC cookie! You have to taste them to believe them.

    Don't worry they are alcohol free so you can nibble on them anytime.

  • crackers & crostini

    Seed crackers, cheesy bites and crostini made with rescued herb oil. Sensational with our rescued roast capsicum and white bean dip!

    Watch this space for our vegetable ash crackers coming soon. We don't want to 'leek' too much information!